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PERFECT engages in designing, manufacturing, servicing cooling towers

and supplying cooling towers to the industrial, refrigeration and HVAC markets.
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Product Design

Our emphasis on performance and low maintenance continues to give

PERFECT the edge in every project design.
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We at PERFECT design optimize and supply cooling tower with accuracy,

reliability and cost effective approach.
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At PERFECT we manufacture products and services that meet

our customers’ needs punctually and consistently
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PERFECT COOLING TOWERS,The No.1 Quality Cooling Towers Provider.

High Durability, Strength, Performance and High Quality
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The Leading Global Manufacturers of Cooling Towers.

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Perfect cooling towers commits customer support both before and after the installation

Design & Engineering

We employ software design programs and CAD techniques in our engineering to provide solutions to meet individual needs.

Field Erection

Our erection crews are well-trained and have sufficient knowledge and skills to undertake erection contracts with full confidence.

Tower Inspection & Upgrading

We provide cooling tower inspection to investigate and analyze your existing tower conditions.

Welcome to PERFECT ! The world of cooling towers

PERFECT engages in designing, manufacturing, servicing cooling towers and supplying airconditioning to the industrial, refrigeration and HVAC markets. We provide optimum cooling to every application. Experience in all phases of cooling tower technologies over the past fifteen years has required a tradition of flexibility and commitment to the needs of our customers. Since our founding in 1995, we have continued in this tradition, challenging existing techniques and technology to meet the specific and more demanding requirements for higher efficiency and higher performance cooling towers. With well over 10,000 towers built to our credit, PERFECT has earned a reputation as a leader in the industry.

What Is A Cooling Tower? A cooling tower is heat removal device that uses water to transfer process waste heat into the atmosphere. All cooling towers operate on the principle of removing heat from water be evaporating a small portion of water that is recirculated through the unit. The mixing of warm water and cooler air releases latent heat of vaporization, causing a cooling effect to the water. They are a key component of many refrigeration systems and can be found in industries such as power plants, chemical processing, steel mills, and many manufacturing companies where process cooling is necessary. Also, cooling towers can be used to provide comfort cooling for large commercial buildings like airports, schools, hospitals, or hotels.

Manufacturers of Cooling Towers & Systems | PERFECT COOLING TOWERS, a dynamic company leading in the field of cooling tower technologies. The manufacturing range includes cooling towers such as FRP Cooling Towers, Wooden Cooling Towers, Cross Flow Cooling Towers, Round Cooling Towers, Square Cooling Towers, Natural Draft Cooling Towers, Fanless Filless Cooling Towers, Evaporative cooling towers, Modular cooling towers, Natural cooling towers.

While many cooling tower may look similar from the outside, the inside tells a different story. At PERFECT, we have designed a tower structure that is unlike any other on the market – providing real and lasting advantages for our customers. It starts at the most fundamental level with our superior raw materials and custom-manufactured components. Each tower is engineered to the customer's specific requirements using our flexible, open-frame tower design that requires fewer columns and connections. This enables faster and safer project execution, and ultimately results in lower operating and maintenance costs over the extended life of the tower. And all of this is delivered by PERFECT, a highly qualified and experienced partner that you can count on for years to come.

Responding to environmental factors and an evolving stream of regulatory requirements PERFECT has undergone many changes in its fifteen year history. PERFECT was founded as specialists in prefabricated designed towers for commercial and industrial services. As we continued to meet the challenges of our customers, for higher efficiency and greater volume, we have developed our design process to meet the individual requirements of our customers needs. Of course, if you are establishing a new facility or expanding you should use Energy Options to oversee your cooling tower installations. From the very beginning of the project, we can assist by helping determine the best design and materials for your application and environment. Realizing that cooling system installations are time critical, we will deliver your new tower on time and on budget. Whether you need a large scale multi-tower system or a relatively small roof installation, PERFECT is your best choice to move your project from paper to reality.

What Does A Cooling Tower Do?
Cooling towers are designed to take heat from one area and reject it to another. The cooling process that takes place within the towers is based on the principle of thermodynamics where heat will flow from hot to cold. Cooling towers are designed to increase the surface area of this heat transfer process and therefore increasing the efficiency of the rejection of heat from the system through evaporation. In essence, the function of a cooling tower is to efficiently cool water down and reject heat through evaporation, thus allowing the cool water to be recycled back into the system.

How Does A Cooling Tower Work?
Cooling towers operate through a heat transfer process that efficiently cools the already cycled water to be reused. The hot water from the chiller will enter near the top of the cooling tower and be sprayed across the wide surface area of the heat transfer surface, called the fill. Beneath the fill, cool air is entered in and promptly suctioned through the fill towards the top of the tower via a fan. The fill acts as the transfer surface, as heat from the hot water droplets is transferred to the cool air rising through the fill. The hot air is then rejected out of the system through the fan, and then the cooled water falls down to the sump, where it will be recycled back through the system and into the heat exchange process below.

Welcome to the largest parts warehouse in the cooling tower industry. Here you will find replacement components for cooling towers of any make, any model, anywhere.

We look forward to being your #1 resource for cooling tower parts.

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The primary use of cooling towers is to remove the heat absorbed in the circulating cooling water system used in power plants, petroleum refineries, petrochemical plants, natural gas processing plants, food processing plants, semi-conductor plants Etc… So Same Cooled Water Can Be Used Again… Which Saves Precious water. Applications of Cooling Towers Air Compressors, Annealing Furnaces, Autoclaves, Ball Mills, Chillers, Condensers, Cooling Rolls, Degreasers, Die Casting, Dynamometers, Extruder Barrels, Heat Exchanger, Hydraulic Oil Coolers, Induction Furnaces, Ink Coolers, Kettle Reactors, Oil Coolers, Quench Cooling, Reactors, Spot Welders, Vacuum Pumps, Water Cooled Air Compressors, Die Casting Machine,Industrial/Hydraulic Oil Coolers, Anodizing processes Plant, Gasifier, Vacuum Pumps, Electrical Power Generation Plants, Bio Gas Plant & Renewable Energy Power Plant, Cold Storage, Water Cooled Air Conditioning systems & VAM Machines, Plastic Injection & Blow Moulding Machine, Induction Heating Steel Furnace (Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metal), Induction Melting Steel Furnace (Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metal), Natural Gas Engine, Diesel Engine & Gas Engine, Refrigeration & Chilling Plant, Chemical & Petrochemical Industries, Dairy Product & Process Industries, Plastic Manufacturing Industries, Paper Manufacturing Industries,

Cooling towers are used in both commercial and industrial applications.
Paints Manufacturing Industries, Steel Plants / Rolling Mills / Metal Casting / Metal Forging Plants, Resort & Hotel & Hospitals & Malls, Plastic Packaging Industries, Rubber Manufacturing & Process Industries, Pharmaceutical Industries, Solvent Extraction Plant, Oil Refineries & Manufacturing, Oil Refineries & Manufacturing, Agro & Agro Chemical Plants, Ceramics Tiles & Glass Manufacturing Industries, Sugar & Rice Mill, Food & Food Processing Industries, Boiler & Turbine Plant,Car & Vehicle Manufacturing Industries, Textile Manufacturing Industries, Thermal / Solar Power Plant, Abrasive, Asphalt, Automotive, Bottling, Casting, Chain Stores, Chemical, Dry Cleaners, Fabrics, Food/Beverage, Foundries, Furniture, Heat Treating, HVAC (Comfort Cooling & Refrigeration), Laboratories, Metallurgical, Pharmaceutical, Plastics, Plating, Printing, Pulp and Paper Mills, Rubber, Screw Machines, Textile, Wire and Cable Manufacturing, Laminates Sheet Industries.


At PERFECT we manufacture products and services that meet

Direct Drive Transmission
Eliminating the use of pulleys, bands and gear reducers; this reduces maintenance to a minimum.
Durable, FRP Tower Shell
UV stabilized and designed to withstand high wind loads.

Wide Access Doors
Large access doors for easy inspection and maintenance.

Low Noise Level
High efficiency fans directly driven by low speed motors provide low-noise operation level.


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